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Aug 16, 2023 Insight Chronicle
The University of Michigan Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy and Poverty Solutions with the Ford School of Public Policy will launch a study to evaluate attitudes toward certain criminal justice reforms by polling the local government...
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Study to examine criminal justice reform in Michigan

Aug 1, 2023 The University Record
In the wake of racial justice movements across the country, the state of Michigan and some of its communities have been implementing new public safety and criminal justice policies. The perspective of Michigan’s local government, public safety and...
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How some Michigan communities are using ARPA dollars

Mar 16, 2023 Rural Innovation Exchange - Secondwavemedia.com
The lens that leaders of municipalities throughout Michigan are looking through is prompting them to take a “glass half full, glass half empty” approach depending on the amount of money they received through the American Rescue Plan...

Policing and Criminal Justice Policy Reform in Michigan: Understanding Opportunities and Barriers Across the Network of Decision Makers

The project "Policing and Criminal Justice Policy Reform in Michigan" is designed to help improve criminal justice, public safety, and police-community relations by understanding the perspectives and values of the local government and law enforcement officials who play key leadership roles in the criminal justice system, gathered through surveys of local government leaders, chiefs of police and sheriffs, and prosecuting attorneys across Michigan. The effort is a collaboration between the Ford School’s Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) and the University of Michigan's...