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CLOSUP strives to bring the latest academic policy-relevant research to both the policy and academic research communities. View our various publication series below.

  • Michigan Public Policy Survey: state-wide surveys of local government leaders across Michigan. 
  • Issues in Energy and Environmental Policy (IEEP): Reports from National Surveys on Energy and Environment and CLOSUP staff and faculty researchers, designed to bring the latest academic knowledge to bear on issues of energy, environment, and climate policy.
  • Fiscal Strategy Memos: CLOSUP has partnered with public finance experts from universities, consulting firms, and research institutions from around the state to produce strategy guides and memos to help local leaders strategically navigate the new fiscal landscape during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Michigan Research Briefs: Nonpartisan analysis published in 2010, these briefs aimed to inform policy discussion by summarizing existing literature on key topics facing the state.
  • CLOSUP Policy Reports: Reports from CLOSUP projects that address a wide range of issues important to state and local policy. 
  • Working Paper Series: Research papers with initial looks at both works in progress and completed research activities. 
  • Student Working Papers: Papers in the series are written by students at the University of Michigan on a wide range of topics.

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Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS)

Over 100 reports provide local official perspectives on a wide range of topics from fiscal and operational policy, to economic development, energy and environment, trust in government, and more.
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Michigan Public Policy Survey democracy compendium

A summary of 12 years of research on Michigan local government leaders’ views on democracy and democratic governance. While the surveys have uncovered numerous areas of concern, the overarching picture it paints is one where local government leaders in Michigan are—generally—positive about institutions, relationships, and attitudes associated with local democratic governance.
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The Role of Communities of Interest in Michigan's New Approach to Redistricting: Recommendations to the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

This report uncovers lessons in how to approach “Communities of Interest” (COIs) in Michigan’s new redistricting process. It includes best practices from other states, opportunities, and potential challenges around these approaches.
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Fiscal Health

An Open Data Standard for Local Government Financial Reporting: How it Could Work in Michigan

XBRL, an open data standard, can improve access and analysis of public financial data for local governments in Michigan. Key benefits include enhanced public transparency, easier data access for local officials, and a process to verify and compare financial data between local governments. Key challenges include the complexity of building a data system for XBRL, and variability in what resources local governments will need to comply with a new standard.
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