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Student Working Papers

The Need for Increased Police Funding in Detroit

April 1, 2017
Lucas Ryan
Detroit, for all intents and purposes, used to be one of the most thriving cities in the United States. Following the end of World War Two, the auto industry in Detroit was one of the most promising the world. In 1950, Detroit was home to roughly...

Policing and Criminal Justice Policy Reform in Michigan: Understanding Opportunities and Barriers Across the Network of Decision Makers

The project "Policing and Criminal Justice Policy Reform in Michigan" is designed to help improve criminal justice, public safety, and police-community relations by understanding the perspectives and values of the local government and law enforcement officials who play key leadership roles in the criminal justice system, gathered through surveys of local government leaders, chiefs of police and sheriffs, and prosecuting attorneys across Michigan. The effort is a collaboration between the Ford School’s Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) and the University of Michigan's...