Local Government COVID-19 Fiscal Strategy and Resource Guide

April 2020 - Current


APRIL, 2020: The COVID-19 crisis is having a dramatic impact on Michigan's local governments, and the fiscal implications—including emergency spending, revenue losses, and budget cuts—are already being felt. Here you will find not just up-to-date information but a set of ideas and tools that will help you strategically navigate the new fiscal landscape. 

This crisis, combined with the ongoing municipal funding challenges in Michigan, will require an even greater effort on behalf of local officials and administrators to quickly assess resources, respond to changing policies and legislation, and develop the tools and insights to maintain sustainable operations and budgets. To help local governments think through these emerging fiscal issues, CLOSUP has partnered with public finance experts from universities, consulting firms, and research institutions from around the state to produce the following strategy guides and memos.

This site is a work in progress, and information will be added on a rolling basis.

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Capital Assets & Projects: Capital Spending During an Economic Crisis
Federal Aid: What Does the Cares Act Mean for Local Governments in Michigan?
Michigan and Federal Aid: Brother, Can You Spare Some Stimulus?
Financial Management Strategies: How to Enhance Liquidity During a Crisis
Strategies for Short-Term Cash-Flow Borrowing
Planning for Reduced Operating Expenses
Assessing Collaborative Readiness
Should We Contract This Service Out?
Workplace & Personnel Strategies for Michigan Local Governments: Q&A
Regionalizing Services
IRC Section 115 Trusts and Pension-Related Financial Stress
Revenue Sources: City Income Taxes and the COVID-19 Recession
Will Property Taxes be Immune to the Effects of Covid-19?
The Impact of COVID-19 on State Revenue Sharing for Cities, Villages, and Townships
Information Technology: IT Security for Mitigating Fiscal Risk of Remote Work