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More local officials see relevance of electric vehicle planning

May 2, 2024
Local officials across Michigan increasingly view electric vehicle infrastructure planning as relevant for their governments, though many cite too few public charging stations and costs associated with adding them as barriers to expansion.The...

2021: A year of public policy

Dec 16, 2021
The Ford School of Public Policy is a top-ranked public policy school dedicated to preparing diverse leaders to take on society’s most pressing challenges and make transformational discoveries through cutting-edge research. Experts from the Ford...
Student Working Papers

Consumer Adoption of Electric Vehicles An Evaluation of Local Programs in the United States

April 30, 2022
Tressa Greschak, University of Michigan, Matilda Kreider, University of Michigan, Nathan Legault, University of Michigan
While transportation electrification is critically important for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, light-duty electric vehicle adoption by individuals is still very low in the United States. Although state-level programs and city-level programs in...
Student Working Papers

Autonomous Vehicle Development in Michigan

March 1, 2019
Paige Brogan
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are the transportation of the future, promising mobility like the world has never seen. The development of this technology is still underway, and a finished product is years-to-decades away. Michigan should fight to be the...
Student Working Papers

Electric Scooters and Micro-Mobility in Michigan

March 1, 2019
Perry Holmes
This paper examines the emerging international trend of dockless electric scooters and evaluates how Michigan’s state and local policymakers can best respond. While there are important public safety and other concerns that must be addressed with...
Michigan Research Briefs

Transportation Funding: Highways, Roads and Bridges

March 1, 2010
This fifth brief in the series provides an overview of transportation funding for highways, roads and bridges, and offers information on possible policy options to modify that...