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Solar Energy Property Taxation

June 30, 2021
Eli Gold, advised by Sarah Mills
In this memo, we examine the existing ways states have crafted legislation on property taxes for utility-scale solar developments and find two main categories of existing legislation—”exemption or abatement,” and “exemption and replacement.” We...
Working Papers

Inventory of State Wind Property Tax Treatments

June 23, 2021
Emma Uebelhor, Olivia Hintz, & Eli Gold
This study inventories the current property tax treatments for utility-scale wind developments across all 50 states. This inventory was created entirely with publicly available information from a variety of web-based sources and is accurate as of...
Working Papers

Inventory of State Solar Property Tax Treatments

June 10, 2021
Olivia Hintz, Emma Uebelhor, & Eli Gold
As solar development increases, states face new challenges in regulating and taxing solar facilities. To better understand an important piece of the current regulatory landscape for solar, this study inventories property tax treatment for...