carbon cap and trade

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Timber families take last stand against climate bills at Oregon Capitol

Jun 19, 2019 Capital Press
Timber families, truckers and others representing rural industries — more than 300 in all — assembled at the Oregon Capitol Wednesday to protest House Bill 2020, also known as cap and trade, which they say will crush their industries and leave many...

Barry Rabe expects Midwest to refocus on climate issues

Nov 14, 2018
With a change of governorships after the midterm elections, one previously passed-over issue is seeing a resurgence. Governors-elect are already showing signs of making climate issues a top-priority in Midwestern states. Daniel Cusick, reporter for...
Book Talks @ The Ford School, CLOSUP Lecture Series

Barry Rabe: Can We Price Carbon?

Oct 1, 2018, 11:30 am-1:00 pm EDT
Betty Ford Classroom (1110)
Barry Rabe discusses his book Can We Price Carbon? Moderated by John Milewski, Director of Digital Programming; Host and Managing Editor, Wilson Center NOW.
Working Papers

The Durability of Carbon Cap‐and‐Trade Policy

April 1, 2015
Barry Rabe
The surge of American states’ adoption of policies to mitigate climate change in the late 1990s and 2000s appeared to constitute a first wave of expanding use of market-based policy tools such as carbon cap-and-trade in the absence of binding...

Barry Rabe: Carbon Pricing

Apr 19, 2018 0:01:30

Barry Rabe, professor at the Ford School of Public Policy, says that economists widely agree that introducing a carbon price is the single most effective way for countries to reduce their emissions, but political barriers have deterred elected off