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Internet Access and Connectivity across the Urban-Rural Spectrum

May 1, 2021
Julie Rubin
Broadband internet is a faster and more efficient way to access online services and information than traditional dial-up or satellite services. While broadband is becoming increasingly ubiquitous across the United States, there remains a “digital...
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Vote Share Analysis Findings

April 30, 2021
Chris Campbell
Each spring, the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS) asks officials from Michigan’s cities, townships, counties and villages about a range of topics concerning their jurisdictions’ administrative, fiscal, and social health, as well as other...
Student Working Papers

Zoning Codes and the Adoption of LEED in Michigan Cities

May 1, 2020
Michael Ngan
Because of an absence of federal policies in the US mandating green building certification, this paper aims to explore if local policy efforts can, as an alternative, effectively drive sustainable design and increase the number of green buildings....
Student Working Papers

Housing Affordability in Michigan: Public and Private Sector Tradeoffs

March 1, 2019
Jacob Murray
Housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable. The for-profit housing market is failing working class and low-income families. As a lingering effect of the 2007 foreclosure crises, over 36% of households now rent their home. 1 Rent continues to...