Ivacko discusses opioid interventions on Michigan Radio

May 14, 2019

Tom Ivacko, associate director of the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy (CLOSUP), housed at the Ford School, talks about Michigan’s relationship to the opioid crisis with Michigan Radio’s Paulette Parker. Published May 13, 2019 online, with the conversation airing the morning of May 14, the article focuses on medication-based treatment options in the state. 

Close to one-third of counties in Michigan “have no medication-based treatment services for opioid addiction,” writes Parker. Utilizing CLOSUP’s Michigan Public Policy Survey results, the two discuss the need for such treatment programs. According to Ivacko, the need for treatment programs is “higher than the need for access to affordable housing, job training, public transportation, subsidized health care, child care, emergency food and so on.”

The lack of resources is a major barrier for low-income individuals. “If they don't have someone to turn to or a helping hand in these difficult times, it's just that much harder for them to try to take a step forward,” says Ivacko. 

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Tom joined CLOSUP at its founding in the fall of 2001 and serves as associate director of the Center. He also oversees the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS) program and has been the lead or co-author on more than 50 MPPS publications covering a wide range of state and local government policy topics.


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