National Surveys on Energy and Environment

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Farmers harvesting the benefits of wind energy

Mar 5, 2020
With U.S. farm bankruptcy rates rising, farmers have been turning to the wind energy to make ends meet. Sarah Mills, senior project manager at the Ford School's Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) was featured in a USA Today article...

Most Americans support renewable energy standards

Jun 3, 2015
Despite recent attempts in many state legislatures to repeal or weaken renewable energy requirements, a University of Michigan poll finds that a majority of Americans—of every race, income and education level, and religious and political...

NSEE Findings Report for Belief-Related Questions

March 1, 2013
This report presents the views of American citizens on the existence of global warming, including their reasons for belief or disbelief, with particular attention on the role played by recent notable weather and climate events, including severe...

NSEE Public Opinion on Climate Policy Options

December 1, 2012
This report presents the views of American citizens on a range of issues linked to the possible development of federal and state policies intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This report responds to the evolving American debate over...