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Home Builders V.P.: Michigan’s in a ‘housing crisis’

Nov 22, 2023 The Livingston Post
Dawn Crandall of the Home Builders Association of Michigan describes the state’s housing crisis as ongoing, with supply being limited, demand remaining really high and individuals seeking workforce housing getting “bumped even further down the...
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Survey finds many Michigan communities struggling with housing shortage

Oct 13, 2023 Michigan Radio
A recent survey by the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy at the University of Michigan found officials in many of the state's communities feel they lack affordable housing. The Michigan Public Policy survey found 27% of respondents said they...
MPPS in the news

Housing shortage triggers alarm for towns across Michigan

Oct 13, 2023 Mlive
More local leaders, in rural, suburban and urban communities throughout Michigan, are raising alarms about housing shortages. The number of local officials reporting a lack of single-family housing has nearly doubled in the past six years – going...
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U.P. local government leaders most likely to report housing shortages

Sep 27, 2023 Iron County Reporter
Concerns among local government leaders in the Upper Peninsula about housing shortages in their communities have more than doubled since 2017. Today, 59% of officials from U.P. cities, villages, and townships say they have too little single-family...

CLOSUP report: Michigan officials report housing shortages

Jun 22, 2018
Many local governments in Michigan feel they have a shortage of housing in their counties and cities, according to a survey from University of Michigan researchers. About 40 percent of local officials say they have too little single family housing...
Student Working Papers

Is Affordable Housing Attainable?

March 1, 2019
Miranda J. Pearson
Growing up people often spend time dreaming of their perfect home, in hopes that one day if they work hard enough and put enough money aside, that their dream will become a reality. A perfect home where one can raise their children and grow old in,...
Student Working Papers

Housing Affordability in Michigan: Public and Private Sector Tradeoffs

March 1, 2019
Jacob Murray
Housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable. The for-profit housing market is failing working class and low-income families. As a lingering effect of the 2007 foreclosure crises, over 36% of households now rent their home. 1 Rent continues to...