Renewable Energy Policy in New York

August 2020
Samantha VanDyke*, University of Michigan

New York (NY) is located in the northeastern part of the United States (U.S.) and is home to the largest U.S. city. It is the 4th most populous state and also has the 3rd biggest economy in the U.S. New Yorkers consume less total energy per capita than residents of every other state except Rhode Island. New York is a leader when it comes to renewable energy policy. The state has one of the most aggressive climate policies in the country and has favorable democratic leadership that is leading it to a clean energy future. A new streamlined siting process are positioning the state to utilize all of the renewable energy options at its disposal, especially offshore wind. While New York is a very forward-thinking state, it needs to adequately address its greenhouse gas emissions and expand its transmission network in the most equitable way possible. Effectively executing New York’s new climate law will prove invaluable to the state and set the stage for future progressive renewable energy policies.