Oregon: Landscape of Renewable Energy Policy

January 2020
Emily Blackmer*, Katherine Cunningham*, Zoe Fullem*, University of Michigan

With valuable wind and solar energy resources, a history of ranking in the top states for hydroelectric power, and a governor focused on climate change action, Oregon is poised to continue to be a leader in renewable deployment. The current state of affairs favors renewable energy development, with progressive policies which complement each other in promoting renewable. However, the precise path for renewable energy deployment remains unknown. As of April 2019, the Oregon legislature is actively debating the policy mechanisms of climate action. How the state will meet its ambitious RPS goals is generating discussion about the compatibility of utility-scale and community/distributed renewables. Most uncertain is the impact of siting policy on renewables development, as the legislature also weighs two bills that would change siting policy. One of these bills would pave the way for more large-scale renewables development, while the other would likely create new barriers.