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Michigan Redistricting Project

In November 2018, the citizens of Michigan passed Proposal 2, which amended the Michigan Constitution to place congressional and state legislative redistricting in the hands of a new Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC)...
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Michigan residents more divided than ever on wind power

Jun 18, 2024 Iron County Reporter
When I was a young child, I saw my first wind turbine in the hills of Iowa when my family was driving from Michigan to Colorado. Many people consider them an eyesore, but I thought they looked absolutely wonderful. They were like giant pinwheels...
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Support for rooftop solar outpaces other energy infrastructure

Jun 4, 2024 Route Fifty
In November, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a landmark energy law that sets an ambitious goal for the state to generate 100% of its energy from renewable resources by 2040. With the law, Michigan joins its neighbors in Illinois and Minnesota,...
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Brann: Retain college graduates to boost economy

Jun 4, 2024 The Detroit News
Michigan’s colleges and universities are top-notch institutions that graduate some of the best and brightest students in our country. But as tens of thousands of young people in Michigan walked at graduation ceremonies this spring, too many of them...
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Rural Prosperity Summit 2024 Recap

May 23, 2024 MI Office of Rural Prosperity
Over 275 attendees representing 91 rural Michigan communities attended the first-ever Michigan Rural Prosperity Summit on May 20, 2024. The Summit, hosted by the Michigan Office of Rural Prosperity, featured 19 speakers and panelists over 10...
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Early Public Comment Roundup Gives ICRC A Glimpse At Road Ahead

May 20, 2024 Gongwer
Members of the public have been providing public comments since the inception of the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission Track, but on Monday, commissioners got a peek at what those commenters were saying about the maps created between...
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Big Pinwheels in the Sky

May 20, 2024 Rural Insights
When I was a young child, I saw my first wind turbine in the hills of Iowa when my family was driving from Michigan to Colorado. Many people consider them an eyesore, but I thought they looked absolutely wonderful. They were like giant pinwheels...
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More local officials see relevance of electric vehicle planning

Apr 30, 2024 The University Record
Local officials across Michigan increasingly view electric vehicle infrastructure planning as relevant for their governments, though many cite too few public charging stations and costs associated with adding them as barriers to...
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Birmingham pilots survey on recycling

Apr 24, 2024 Birmingham - Bloomfield Eagle
The city of Birmingham recently launched a new survey on Engage Birmingham that encourages residents to share their understanding of the city’s recycling program, their interest in recycling and how they think Birmingham can improve in this area....
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Report: Locals Fiscally Sound During COVID, Long-Term Unclear

Apr 12, 2024 Gongwer
Local governments generally found themselves fiscally sound during the coronavirus pandemic due to one-time infusions of federal aid, but long-term fiscal health is more varied and could be tough to navigate due to constraints on fiscal policy, a...
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New House map combats racial gerrymandering in Michigan Legislature

Apr 9, 2024 The Michigan Daily
Three federal judges approved new Michigan House of Representatives voting districts on March 27. The map’s passing followed a lawsuit, Agee v. Benson, filed March 23, 2022, that alleged illegal racial gerrymandering in 13 Detroit-area House and...
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STUDY: Rural communities struggle to access grant funding

Dec 28, 2023 Interlochen Public Radio
Researchers from the University of Michigan have noticed a significant gap between rural and urban communities when it comes to getting state or federal funding. The latest Michigan Public Policy Survey asked local governments what they...
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Local relations with state government decline over time

Dec 22, 2023 Michigan Association of Counties Magazine
Public service delivery is a process that often depends on multiple levels of government, especially among the state and its local governments. As threats to American democracy have increased, working relationships across levels of government in our...
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Dec 5, 2023 Barrett & Greene Management Update
Typically, people use the phrase “state and local government,” as though they are two entirely separate sets of entities. But unless the states and their cities, counties and towns work together smoothly, impediments to progress abound. Some...
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Survey: Local Leaders Say Relations With State Gov't Strained

Nov 29, 2023 Gongwer
Local government leaders across Michigan reported in a recent survey a decline in satisfaction in their overall relationship with state government leaders may in part be due to changes in the partisan makeup of its leadership, a recent survey found....
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Home Builders V.P.: Michigan’s in a ‘housing crisis’

Nov 22, 2023 The Livingston Post
Dawn Crandall of the Home Builders Association of Michigan describes the state’s housing crisis as ongoing, with supply being limited, demand remaining really high and individuals seeking workforce housing getting “bumped even further down the...
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Ford School hosts talk on uplifting rural communities

Nov 16, 2023 The Michigan Daily
About 60 University of Michigan students and Ann Arbor community members gathered in Weill Hall Wednesday evening to listen to a conversation about rural communities and sustainability in the United States. Hosted by the Center for Local, State, and...