Ivacko debates 2022 hot topics

January 5, 2022

Selected as a panelist for Hour Detroit's 2022 political predictions, Tom Ivacko, Executive Director of CLOSUP, weighed in on some of the most burning questions about Michigan's 2022 elections.

The first question: How would Roe v. Wade, and potentially its overrule, impact the elections?

“Michigan would presumably revert to its previous 1931 law, which bans abortion except when the woman’s life is at risk,” Ivacko said. “In such a scenario, I would expect a very large Democratic turnout, although GOP voters might also be extra motivated to maintain control of the legislature, too. Either way, abortion rights would be a key issue, if not the key issue, in the 2022 elections.”

Next, Ivacko discussed the role of COVID-19 and whether it will still be in headlines at the end of the year.

“COVID-19 will still be on the radar by the end of 2022, but after nearly three years, it will have faded in terms of dominating headlines,” Ivacko said. “The 2022 election outcomes will be the hot topic — including what they mean for Trump and his hold on the GOP looking toward 2024.”

Finally, Ivacko contemplated the fate of Michigan sports in their 2022 seasons: "(The Detroit Tigers will) get over the hump in 2022, and it will be a fun summer at Comerica."

Read the entirety of the story, published by Hour Detroit, here.

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