Local government and environmental leadership: views of Michigan's local leaders

July 2011

The Fall 2010 MPPS asked Michigan's local government leaders about their views on global warming and environmental sustainability, and the role of local government in these areas. While Michigan's local leaders are divided in their views about the seriousness of global warming, 68% agree that local government has a responsibility to help reduce that warming. They also express widespread agreement that promoting environmental sustainability is an important aspect of local government leadership.

In a unique research effort, the MPPS also partnered with the National Survey of American Opinion on Climate Change (NSAPOCC) to ask common questions of Michigan's citizens and their local leaders about various levels of responsibility to address global warming at the federal, state, and local levels of government. This collaborative research effort finds that Michigan's citizens and their local government leaders largely agree that local government has a responsibility to help reduce global warming, though both groups place somewhat higher levels of responsibility at the state and federal levels.

This report also describes actions being taken currently at the local government level in Michigan to promote sustainability, as well as plans for additional efforts in the next 12 months.