Faculty affiliates

Sarah Mills

Senior Project Manager, Graham Sustainability Institute

Sarah Mills is a senior project manager at the Graham Sustainability Institute, where she manages the Climate +  Energy activities.  This includes a grant from the Michigan Office of Climate and Energy to help communities across the state consider energy in their land use planning, zoning, and other policymaking.  Sarah also conducts research at the intersection of energy policy and land use planning--especially in rural communities.  Her current work focuses on how renewable energy development impacts rural communities (positively and negatively), the disparate reactions of rural landowners to wind and solar projects, and how state and local policies facilitate or hinder renewable energy deployment, some of which is in conjunction with the Ford School Renewable Energy Support Fund. She was previously on staff at CLOSUP, where she helped managed the MPPS, and CLOSUP's Energy and Environmental Policy Initiative (EEPI), including the National Surveys on Energy and the Environment (NSEE).