Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS) MiLES (Fall 2019), Question 09b

How do plans and/or ordinances treat rooftop solar panels

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Now, thinking about your jurisdiction’s current planning and/or zoning on energy issues, as far as you know, how do your plans and/or ordinances treat rooftop solar panels? (Among jurisdiction that have at least considered plans / policies regarding energy issues and are responsible for their own planning and/or zoning)

  Jurisdiction Type
  County Township City Village Total
Our planning/zoning does not address 30% 29% 41% 33% 32%
Our planning/zoning generally encourages 41% 52% 45% 37% 48%
Our planning/zoning generally discourages 0% 2% 2% 3% 2%
Don't know 29% 17% 13% 27% 18%