Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS) Fall 2021, Question 17b

Second most significant challenge for recycling within the jurisdiction

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While many of these challenges may be significant, we’re interested in the ones you believe are most critical. Looking at the factors that you indicated were challenges to recycling efforts in your jurisdiction, please rank up to three in order of their significance. (among jurisdictions that report any recycling services are available in the jurisdiction) b. Second most significant challenge

  Statewide Total
Current costs of recycling programs and services 18%
Lack of end markets for recycled materials 15%
Cheap landfill rates (that make it less expensive to throw trash out than recycle) 6%
Lack of support from our Board/Council 2%
Lack of support from the community 6%
Lack of public awareness/participation in recycling efforts 14%
Improper recycling practices by users (e.g., contamination, etc.) 19%
Staffing for waste and recycling services 10%
Lack of recycling processing infrastructure 7%
Outdated County Solid Waste Management Plan 1%
Gathering and analysis of waste and recycling data 1%
Meeting state or other mandates/regulations 1%
Other 0%