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Red State Vs. Blue State: Climate Action Splits America

Jun 23, 2019 Clean Technica
In the 2016 election, the 14 US states with the least carbon-intensive economies voted for Hillary Clinton, while 26 of the 27 most carbon-intensive states voted for Donald Trump, reports the New York Times. Of the 15 state governors who now support...
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Michigan Struggles With Legal Pot

Jun 21, 2019
Tom Ivacko, a researcher on all things policy-related in Michigan, described 2019 as a “haze” as officials scrapped one process for regulating marijuana and are implementing a new one before recreational cannabis hits the streets legally, probably...
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Timber families take last stand against climate bills at Oregon Capitol

Jun 19, 2019 Capital Press
Timber families, truckers and others representing rural industries — more than 300 in all — assembled at the Oregon Capitol Wednesday to protest House Bill 2020, also known as cap and trade, which they say will crush their industries and leave many...