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The Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) conducts, supports and fosters applied academic research to inform local, state, and urban policy issues.

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Latest CLOSUP Updates

MPPS Report: New Governor, new evaluations of the direction Michigan is headed among local leaders

This report presents the opinions of Michigan's local government leaders regarding the direction in which the state is headed, as well as their evaluations of the job performance of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Legislature.
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CLOSUP advises on the new Canadian Municipal Barometer

CLOSUP is advising and partnering with the new Canadian Municipal Barometer, an annual survey of officials in more than 400 municipalities across Canada.
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CLOSUP contributes to resources for new Michigan Lead and Copper Rule

CLOSUP's Sarah Mills is part of the University of Michigan Water Center team helping to implement the new Michigan Lead and Copper Rule. The resources created by the team include policy memos and FAQs to educate decision makers about financing options to address lead service lines.
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MPPS Report: Positive working relationships reported among Michigan's local elected officials

This report presents the opinions of Michigan’s local government leaders regarding relationships among members of their board or council as well as between the board/council and local government employees.
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Renewable Energy Policy Initiative (REPI) Policy Workshop

CLOSUP hosted a workshop in conjunction with the National Conference of State Legislatures, bringing state legislators from across the country who are active in energy issues to UM’s campus to engage Ford School and affiliate researchers.
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Presentation: Examining Board Relations: Township Officials' Views from the Michigan Public Policy Survey

CLOSUP presented on findings from the Spring 2018 MPPS at the 2019 Michigan Townships Association Annual Educational Conference
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MPPS County Fact Sheets: Economic Hardship and the Struggle to Make Ends Meet

The County-wide Poverty Fact Sheets are from the Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS). While we typically report findings at a statewide level, because over 73% of the state’s local jurisdictions participate we are also able to show summarized data for all local governments within any county.
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EEPI Report: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Geoengineering: 10 Years of Climate Action in the NSEE

This report examines American attitudes on how to respond to climate change. We look at preferences for focusing on adaptation or mitigation efforts, and at Americans’ beliefs on whether efforts to prevent further climate change can actually be effective. We also look at attitudes toward technological solutions to global warming.
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