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The CLOSUP Wind Project aims to improve understanding of state and local policy issues related to utility-scale wind energy development. This project originated from three surveys conducted in 2013 and 2014-one of residents in the Great Lakes region, another of local officials in Michigan, and a third of farmland owners near four Michigan windfarms.

 In 2016, CLOSUP received a grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to investigate community attitudes about wind energy near Michigan's existing windfarms and then communicate lessons-learned to inform local wind development policies.

In the future, the Center plans to expand this work beyond Michigan to see how state and local policies and wind development practices in other states are impacting attitudes about wind development.




The C.S. Mott Foundation funding allowed CLOSUP researchers to travel to participate in community meetings throughout the state of Michigan, with tailored presentations based on the interests of the community. Below is a sample of some of those presentations. A full list of presentations is available as part of CLOSUP's Energy & Environmental Policy Initiative.

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