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Student Working Papers

The CLOSUP Student Working Paper Series presents papers on a wide range of topics relevant to state, local, and urban policy. Papers in the series are written by students at the University of Michigan. Current papers in the series are presented below.

Reforming Michigan’s Charter Schools
Casey VanderWeide

Fixing the Higher Education Funding System in Michigan
Keerthana Sundar

Funding Local Governments in Michigan
Carson Smith

Blown Away: The Increasing Importance of Wind Energy in Michigan
Sean Smalley

Regional Tax Authority in the State of Michigan
Karen Seo

Renewable Energy Reform in Michigan
Tanner Savitsky

The Need for Increased Police Funding in Detroit
Lucas Ryan

Michigan Roads and Policy Recommendations
Jay Nautiyal

Michigan Road Funding (Toll Booth/Road)
Austin Leist

Learning from Prop 1: Healing Michigan’s Roads
Matthew Lawford

Michigan Agriculture: How Farm Subsidies are Killing Growth and the Environment
Kohlton Johnson

The Promise of Free College
Ingrid Johnson

Healing Michigan: An Examination of State-Level Responses to the Opioid Epidemic in Michigan
Benjamin P. Greenberg

Policy Analysis: Brain Drain in The State of Michigan
Bridget I. Granger

Property Tax Rates in Detroit: A Michigan Public Policy Recommendation
Ronald Everett

Public Mass Transportation in West Michigan: The Case for Expanding Services
David W. Baker

Privatizing the Public Sphere: Should Governments Outsource Health and Human Services?
Allana Akhtar

The Struggle for Shared Governance in Hydraulic Fracturing Policy: An Interstate Comparison of Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado
Carolyn Rice, CLOSUP Policy Analyst

The Status of New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme
Kerri Metz, CLOSUP Policy Analyst Nina Tannenbaum, CLOSUP Policy Analyst

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