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The core of CLOSUP's mission is its research component. Its major programs consist of conducting research projects run by CLOSUP, as well as sponsoring collaborative interdisciplinary research projects directed by other members of the University of Michigan faculty under the CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program (see below for more). The purpose of the projects, whether run by CLOSUP or sponsored by CLOSUP, is to bring together scholars from across the University who study related problems from diverse disciplinary and methodological perspectives. Each project is organized around a set of problems or issues that confront state and/or local policymakers. These might include, for example, education and local public finance; economic development, environmental protection, and land use; or the interrelated problems of regional governance. Alternatively, a project may consider the impact of specific state or local institutions on a number of areas of policy, such as the effect of direct democracy on economic, social, and governance policy; or the effect of tax limits on education and infrastructure.

For more information about the CLOSUP-directed projects, please see the project summaries. And for more information regarding the CLOSUP-sponsored projects, please see immediately below.

CLOSUP-sponsored Projects: The Policy Research Grants Program

In addition to its internal research projects, CLOSUP also sponsors research by other faculty members around the University of Michigan. The CLOSUP-sponsored projects, funded under the CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program, are chosen on a competitive basis from proposals submitted by University of Michigan faculty. CLOSUP may fund or provide assistance in acquiring resources for activities such as research assistance, workshops, conferences and public sessions, and publications related to these projects.

For more information about previously funded projects, see the project abstracts.


To disseminate the latest policy-relevant academic knowledge, CLOSUP produces in-depth policy reports, executive summary-style policy briefs, newsletters, and other publications. Please see the publications page for more information.


CLOSUP sponsors occasional research conferences on topical policy issues. Although the format and purpose of each conference is unique, these conferences generally are designed to bring together researchers from across the University, and to host scholars as well as policy makers and practitioners from off campus, to address major policy issues of the day. These conferences help integrate University of Michigan researchers with policymakers and practitioners, in part to help inform research with perspectives from the field, and in part to help inform policymaking with the latest knowledge from the academic universe.

Seminars and Workshops

CLOSUP has sponsored a number of smaller research programs including seminars and faculty research workshops. Included here is the Land Use Policy faculty research workshop, which brought together researchers from across the University to present works in progress on state, local, and urban policy issues with relevance to land use. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a regular, informal forum for scholars to present their research to a broader audience than their own departmental seminars would lend.  | 
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