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CLOSUP Research Projects

The core of CLOSUP's mission is its research component. Its major programs consist of conducting research projects run by CLOSUP, as well as fostering and collaborating on research projects with other members of the University of Michigan faculty.

CLOSUP Research Projects

Major ongoing research projects directed by CLOSUP include the following:

Other Research Projects

During its first decade, CLOSUP sponsored over 50 projects directed by other researchers at the University of Michigan, focused on a wide range of issues relevant to state and local policy. CLOSUP's former grant funding programs are now closed, though the Center continues to work with other faculty members around the University of Michigan on policy-relevant research. Abstracts CLOSUP's funded projects are available here.

Recently CLOSUP has fostered and helped launch a project with Professor George Fulton, as described below:

Past CLOSUP-run Research Projects

CLOSUP-sponsored Research Projects

See abstracts of CLOSUP-sponsored projects funded through the CLOSUP Policy Research Grant program
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