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CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program

Prior Awards

The links below provide short descriptions of awards previously made under the CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program, as well as awards made under two earlier CLOSUP funding programs: the Major Projects Program and the Small Grants Program (both of which were combined into the current Policy Research Grants Program). For more information about these projects, please contact the project directors, or the CLOSUP staff.

The CLOSUP grant program is not currently active. For more information on the CLOSUP Policy Research Grants program, see the program overview.

Awards made:

Fiscal Year 2012 Awards (note: no awards made in FY11)

Fiscal Year 2010 Awards

Fiscal Year 2009 Awards

Fiscal Year 2008 Awards

Fiscal Year 2007 Awards

Fiscal Year 2006 Awards

Fiscal Year 2005 Awards

Fiscal Year 2004 Awards

Fiscal Year 2003 Awards

Fiscal Year 2002 and Earlier Awards

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