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As part of its mission to help focus the University of Michigan's academic resources on issues of local, state, and urban public policy, CLOSUP provides financial and logistical support to University of Michigan faculty for policy-relevant research and outreach activities, through the CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program (PRG). (Note: as of December 2006, the PRG replaced two former CLOSUP funding programs, the Major Projects Program and the Small Grants Program.) The PRG program normally consists of one annual funding competition (usually in March) with larger funding amounts available, as well as an ongoing opportunity for smaller awards for which proposals are accepted throughout the year. In some years CLOSUP may not conduct the campus-wide competition but instead may take a more different approach to initiate collaborative projects with other faculty or research units that focus on particularly high priority policy topics. In order to retain as much funding as possible for the larger annual competition or the CLOSUP-initiated projects, relatively few awards are made in the regular ongoing program. CLOSUP normally reserves such ongoing awards for projects focused on particularly high priority and/or timely policy matters.

The 2011 PRG Annual Competition.
Proposals are due by 5:00pm, March 9, 2011. See below for the RFP, forms, instructions and guidelines.

The regular ongoing PRG program:
Researchers who are interested in submitting a proposal to the regular ongoing PRG program are strongly encouraged to contact CLOSUP as a first step to inquire about availability of funds and the likelihood of fit between the proposal and the PRG program objectives.

The following links provide more information on the regular ongoing PRG progam, including forms, program overviews, guidelines and prior awards.
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