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WAPIP: Alcohol Management Program

Missouri Municipal League - 2009 - MML Innovation Award (Large City)


To combat increasing alcohol-related arrests and other acts of violence, the city of Warrensburg, Missouri collaborated with local organizations to develop a strategic crime prevention program. In the wake of this partnership, alcohol-related arrests are down 97% while assault/fight/disturbances calls are down 92%.


From 1998 to 2006 alcohol-related arrests in the city of Warrensburg’s downtown district increased by 89%, from 155 annual arrests to 293. Assault/fight/ disturbance calls for the same period and area increased by 22 3%, from 64 to 207. In response to the increased crime and violence, in 2007 the city of Warrensburg collaborated with the staff from University of Central Missouri to establish the Warrensburg Area Partners in Prevention (WAPIP) Alcohol Management Program. This program brought together University of Central Missouri staff, city staff, local liquor license holders, state agencies, and Whiteman Air Force Base leadership to collaborate in addressing the two objectives of the program: 1) reduce the number of alcohol-related crimes and 2) ensure the public’s safety and health.

The City and WAPIP utilizes five strategies: ordinance revision, training, prevention efforts, increased enforcement, and system changes. Since implementing the city of Warrensburg and WAPIP’s alcohol management program, the city of Warrensburg’s downtown district alcohol-related arrests have been reduced from 293 in 2006 to nine in 2008, a 97% decrease. Assault /fight/ disturbances calls have been reduced by 92%, from 207 to 17. Compared to the state alcohol compliance check rate of 61% for liquor license holders, the city of Warrensburg since April 2009, has consistently achieved a 100% compliance rate with license holders.

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