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Metro Health - Goodwill Industries Health Clinics

International City/County Management Association - 2009 - Program Excellence Award: Community Health and Safety (50,000 and Greater)


The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District and Goodwill industries formed a partnership to create wellness clinics at Goodwill locations for underserved residents.


In what is probably the first partnership of its kind, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (Metro Health) approached Goodwill Industries to link preventive care and health education to existing Goodwill services.

Their first joint clinic opened in March 2007 at a Goodwill location in an underserved neighborhood on the edge of San Antonio’s inner city, offering immunizations and preventive services. At wellness clinics located at seven other Goodwill locations, Metro Health offered blood pressure checks, glucose and cholesterol screening, mammograms, immunizations, and health education.

The goal was to serve 4,000 people annually. In the first year of operation, nearly 5,800 individuals received free or low-cost preventive services.

The collaboration continued to grow. Clients can combine back to school shopping with having their children immunized for school. When they visit for health care, individuals and families can link to other city and county resources. Goodwill Workforce Development participants are trained in health care data entry to assist Metro Health with record-keeping, while Metro Health gains a cost-free labor pool.

Two new Goodwill facilities are now nearing completion that will offer basic primary medical care. Developed under Metro Health’s leadership, the services will be offered at no cost to the public health department, taxpayers, or the city.

Lessons Learned: partnerships founded on a common goal do not always require major funding; concurrence on goals, objectives, and community need is essential among all of the partners; nontraditional partners can produce creative, innovative solutions.

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