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CLOSUP Policy Reports

CLOSUP Policy Reports

Through reports written by CLOSUP staff as well as reports written by CLOSUP-affiliated faculty around the University resulting from CLOSUP-sponsored projects, the Center strives to bring the latest academic policy-relevant research to both the policy and academic research communities.

Bright Line Watch - Report on March 2019 Expert Survey on State Democracy

Fracking for Natural Gas: Public Opinion on State Policy Options

Climate Compared: Public Opinion on Climate Change in the United States and Canada

Sales Tax Holidays

Mandating Merit: Assessing Implementation of the Michigan Merit Curriculum

Reforming the System of Care: A Review of the Literature on Housing and Service Arrangements for Homeless Populations

Survey of Michigan Residents on the Issue of Global Warming and Climate Policy Options: Key Findings Report

Policy Report: Coming Together in Tough Economic Times: Workforce Development and Economic Development Move Closer Together in Michigan

Policy Report on Michigan's Economic Transition: Toward a Knowledge Economy.

Policy Report on the Detroit Area Study, 2001: Parks and Recreation.

Policy Report on the Detroit Area Study, 2001: Public Services, Local Government, and Taxes.

Policy Report on the Homeless Population in Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Policy Report on Travel and Transportation in Southeast Michigan

Policy Report on Planning for Schools in Michigan

Policy Report on Regional Planning in Michigan

Policy Report on Growth Management in California Communities

Policy Report on Privatization

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