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2018 - Issue 5

As the calendar year winds to a close, CLOSUP has been busy wrapping up celebrating our 10th Anniversary of the National Surveys on Energy and Environment (NSEE) and launching the Renewable Energy Policy Initiative (REPI). Below you can read more about these and other activities in CLOSUP’s Energy and Environmental Policy Initiative.

NSEE@10 Report:

Geoeng Fig6a

Adaptation, Mitigation, and Geoengineering: 10 years of Public Opinion Data

This report considers Americans’ preferences for focusing on adaptation or mitigation efforts as well as attitudes on the effectiveness and safety of geoengineering.

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Launch of the Renewable Energy Policy Initiative

This fall, the Ford School launched a new applied research initiative to look at a range of state and local policies impacting the deployment of renewable energy. Research is currently underway.

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Student Research:


Climate Change Belief in Rural Communities

CLOSUP policy analyst Rio Mizuno used data from 10 years of NSEE to understand attitudes about climate change in the rural communities that already do—and may in the future—host wind energy projects.


New NSEE Data:


Fall 2018 Findings Released

The latest survey included questions on support for a carbon tax under alternate policy designs, attitudes around renewable energy, and attitudes about climate change.


RPS Collaborative Webinar:


Americans’ Changing View of Renewable Energy Policies

The Clean Energy States Alliance hosted a webinar on NSEE findings related to renewable energy including support for increasing the use of wind and solar, and state policies requiring such increases.

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EEPI In the News:

Below is a selection of recent news coverage. You can find more coverage of EEPI research on our website.

- BBC News and ClimateWire cite findings from Fall 2018 NSEE
- Politico and Axios quote Barry Rabe on prospects for a carbon tax
- Scientific American writes on Sarah Mills' work in rural communities

What’s Next for the Energy & Environmental Policy Initiative?

- How cities have funded replacement of lead water service lines
- Research announced for the May 2019 REPI Workshop