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How to Download Datasets from the National Surveys on Energy and Environment

National Surveys on Energy and Environment Dataset Access for Researchers

About the NSEE

How to Access NSEE Datasets

CLOSUP prepares data tables of the overall frequencies of responses to each of the NSEE questions.  The NSEE datasets—for more complex analysis using statistical software—are being deposited into two different collections at ICPSR:

Data Finding Aids

The NSEE surveys have covered a wide range of topics. To find data of interest, use one or more of the following finding aids:

Respondent Confidentiality

The NSEE assures respondents that their identity will remain confidential at all times. Therefore, CLOSUP modifies the open access and longitudinal datasets in order to protect that confidentiality. Zip codes are stripped from the data,however both state and region variables remain in the dataset. Other demographic variables are recoded into broader categories. Codebooks for each wave of data indicate where variables have been recoded.

National Surveys on Energy & Environment

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