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How to Download Datasets from the Michigan Public Policy Survey

Michigan Public Policy Survey Dataset Access for Researchers


The Michigan Public Policy Survey (MPPS), a program of biannual state-wide surveys of Michigan's local government leaders, has built up an extensive data library on a wide range of local government issues since the surveys began in 2009. The Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) is committed to sharing the MPPS data with other researchers, including for faculty research, dissertation research by doctoral students, and classroom use at the graduate and undergraduate levels, in order to improve understanding of state and local government.
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How to Access MPPS Datasets

As of August 23, the openICPSR website was migrated to new software. Links to datasets on this page and elsewhere on the CLOSUP website may not work. To access this data, search for "MPPS" on the openICPSR website or contact CLOSUP staff by email at Updated links will be provided on this page once the migration process is complete.

The MPPS datasets are being deposited into two different collections at ICPSR:

Data Finding Aids

The MPPS surveys have covered a very wide range of topics. To find data of interest, use one or more of the following finding aids:

Respondent and Jurisdiction Confidentiality

The MPPS assures respondents that their identity, and the identity of the jurisdictions they represent, will remain confidential at all times. Therefore, CLOSUP modifies both public-use and restricted-use datasets in order to protect that confidentiality. Jurisdiction names and identifiers are stripped from the data, as are respondent identifiers. Other variables that might be used to identify individual jurisdictions are recoded into broader categories, or are also stripped from the datasets.


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