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Launched in 2019, and working in partnership with the Michigan State University Extension Center for Local Government Finance & Policy and the Michigan Department of Treasury, CLOSUP’s Michigan Local Government Fiscal Health Project is aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the fiscal health and fiscal challenges of local governments in Michigan. This deeper understanding will contribute toward a proactive approach to local fiscal health in Michigan, promoting greater transparency and early detection of signs of fiscal stress.

The project will combine insights from local officials, reported through the Michigan Public Policy Survey, with insights from various sources of local government financial and economic data to explore research questions such as:

Publications and Presentations

Project Team

Stephanie Leiser

Lecturer in Public Policy

Stephanie Leiser is a lecturer at the Ford School. Her general area of interest is in public finance, budgeting, and financial management, and she has particular expertise in state and local tax policy, tax incentives for business, and other issues related to the taxation of business. She was previously a lecturer at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington, where she also earned her Ph.D. in 2014. Stephanie has taught courses in public budgeting and financial management, tax policy, nonprofit financial management, and microeconomics. A Ford School alum (MPP '05), she has also worked as a tax policy analyst for the Michigan legislature and continues to consult with leaders in Lansing on tax policy issues.

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Policy Analysts

Elizabeth Chon
Charles Kargman
Anthony Martinez
Christen Richardson

Local Government Fiscal Health in the MPPS

The Michigan Public Policy Survey has published numerous reports on a range of issues that impact local fiscal health

Annual fiscal health tracking

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