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Election '08's Impact on Michigan: The Candidates’ Positions on Energy, the Environment, and the Economy

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Michigan's local government leaders have less trust in the state government than Michigan's citizens have. While 18% of Michigan's citizens trust the state government nearly always or most of the time, only 9% of Michigan's local government leaders feel the same. And while 27% of the state's citizens say they seldom or never trust the state government in Lansing, this number jumps to 49% of the state's local leaders, and 71% of Michigan's county government leaders.

MPPS, Spring 2009

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In response to growing fiscal problems, local governments in Michigan are more likely to increase participation in regional service delivery with other local governments than they are to increase privatization of services. Thirty-two percent of local governments expect to increase regional service sharing in 2010, compared to 16% that expect to increase levels of privatization.

MPPS, Spring 2009
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