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CLOSUP supports summer internships which are administered by the Ford School's Graduate Career Services Office. These internships place Master's students with state and local government offices and other external organizations working on state and local public policy issues, and are part of the School's Master's program which requires internships between the first and second years of study at the School.

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Listed below is the most recent CLOSUP intern, from the summer of 2016. A list of prior interns, is available here.

Therese Empie

Therese graduated with her bachelors degree from the University of Michigan in 2013 where she studied political science and Chinese. Her previous work has focused on complex systems and data management. She is interested in state and local governments ability to use technology to make better informed policy decisions. As a Policy Strategy Intern for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder she is working to help staff the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission, Governor's Education Summit, and the 21st Century Education Commission. Therese has utilized many skills learned at the Ford School such as policy analysis, policy research, and a deep understanding of Michigan politics. During her first few weeks in the Governor's office she compiled policy research on child lead poisoning, gun violence, state education funding, and state resident policy engagement. She has designed and implemented community engagement tools to better involve state residents with the construction of important policy recommendations. Therese hopes to return to Lansing after graduating from the Ford School where she will work to help improve the everyday lives of Michigan residents.

CLOSUP in the Classroom

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