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CLOSUP supports summer internships which are administered by the Ford School's Graduate Career Services Office. These internships place Master's students with state and local government offices and other external organizations working on state and local public policy issues, and are part of the School's Master's program which requires internships between the first and second years of study at the School.

Listed below are the most recent CLOSUP interns, from the summer of 2014. A list of prior interns, is available here.

Jessica D'Itri

Jessica is interning with the EPA's State and Local Climate and Energy Program. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. She is a Master of Public Policy student at the Ford School (Class of 2015). As a CLOSUP-sponsored intern, Jessica plans to incorporate her community organizing skills and public policy studies to better understand how multiple levels of government collaborate to implement evolving environmental practices.

Sijia Qiu

Sijia is interning with the National Conference of State Legislatures, in NCSL’s Energy Program. She graduated in 2013 with B.A. in public administration and in English Literature from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Policy at the Ford School (Class of 2015). Sijia is interested in energy policy and sustainability development. In the NCSL, she will research on energy efficiency topics, especially alternative fuels and vehicles, nature gas development.

Noelle Polaski

Noelle is the Policy Research Analyst Intern at the Executive Office of Governor Snyder. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Policy at the Ford School (Class of 2015) and graduated from Alma College with a BA in History. Noelle was a 2011 Teach for America Corps Member in Detroit Public Schools. She also assists with CLOSUP's Michigan Public Policy Survey as a Research Assistant.

CLOSUP in the Classroom

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